Extract systems are basically designed to let out the unwanted fumes, heat, odor and steam. These are crucial especially when it comes to designing chemistry labs furniture. The canopy hoods are capable to not let the lab hold the unwanted air for longer than required. The carefully designed suction arms can be adjusted on the wall or ceiling or worktop with flexible arms as per the laboratory's needs.

Canopy Hood

Ceiling mounted and wall mounted canopy hoods.

Canopies are primarily used to exhaust non-toxic materials such as steam, odors and heat. In a work area where the expense and capabilities of a fume hood are not justified. Both wall and ceiling mounted canopy hoods are available.


Suction Arms

Suction Arms can be fixed on wall/ceiling/worktop with adjustable arms and suction cups. The flexible arm system shall use friction joints and ball bearing for necessary grip and easy movement.

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