Ductless fume hoods, fume hoods and fume cupboards which are commonly utilized in a modern day lab are one of our strongholds. Working in laboratory involves hazardous fumes, harmful gases, airborne particles and even disturbing odors. Fume containment and Extraction Systems ensures a safer work place and better health.

Sentinel - Salient Features

  • Aerodynamic design to promote airflow
  • Optional bypass facility to reduce load on extraction system
  • Wide sash opening for easy handling
  • Multi stage sash stoppers.
  • Easy access to services, for maintenance
  • Semi-assembled pacing for easy handling and installation
  • Available in different sizes
  • Distinctive styling
  • Under bench acid/base cabinets (optional)
  • Wide range of colors to match
  • HEPA filter and activated carbon filters (optional)

Zebalabs is there to ensure best quality fume containment that is well capable to eliminate all kinds of gaseous substances so that the workers or students don't inhale harmful air. The method is fast and does not let the the poisonous stuff be there for more than a certain amount of time.


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