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We are quality lab furniture providers who present to its customers high quality laboratory furniture at affordable price. Zeba labs primarily focus on just the laboratory furniture that could be instilled in any kind of institution. We manufacture and install all kinds of lab furniture that suits the current trend and style. Our product basket includes many items such as – Wall benches, lab benches, lab stool, Fume Cupboards, Special Storage Systems, Anti-Vibration tables, Lab chairs, Reagent shelves, Work surfaces, Chemical storage cabinets, Colors and finish Clean room Furniture/Paneling, Dental workstations, Lab showers, Lockers, Emergency shower/Eye wash, many more custom made educational and industrial Lab Furnitures, and Accessories.

Work Benches

Zeba labs, Sudan, is a well established furnitures' shoppe that has a wide variety of work benches, whether it is about type, size or color; specifically speaking we have all three kinds of workbenches – Wall Bench, Island Bench and Peninsular Bench – out of which you may opt for one or more types for your collage's or school's practical classrooms.

For instance, the Wall Benches, as the name indicates quite precisely, are always in contact with the wall. The design could be well installed in any given laboratory, as per the institutions' demands.

The Island Benches are kept away from the wall so as to make the area quite well spacious. There is an accessibility from all the sides, that along with giving the lab a desired space, also gives the interior a vibrant and fashionable look.

As for the Peninsular Bench, it is the combination of both the bench types discussed above, i.e. one side is kept close with the wall and the other three sides are accessible.

Zeba labs is a well established firm whose branches are located in many other countries, one of which is Sudan. Our motto is to provide the best lab furnitures across the world, whether it is regarding the variety, quantity and quality. We also are determinant to provide as much support to our customers and clients as we can through continuous feedback and our own willingness to evolve.

Fume Containment

The fumes are formed naturally if someone carries a biological or chemical experiment. Not just the hazardous fumes but also other harmful gases, air particles and disturbing (or highly poisonous) odors that are unwelcome. Therefore, the ductless fume hoods, fume hoods, fume cupboards or any other kind of fume containments are a necessity. Following are the characteristics that our fume containment keeps:

  • Distinctive styling
  • Aerodynamic design to promote airflow
  • Availability in different sizes
  • Optional bypass facility to reduce load on extraction system
  • Wide sash opening for easy handling
  • Multi-stage sash stoppers.
  • Easy access to services, for maintenance
  • Semi-assembled pacing for easy handling and installation
  • Under bench acid/base cabinets (optional)
  • Wide range of colors to match
  • HEPA filter and activated carbon filters (optional)
Zeba labs offers the sales of outlets through which the harmful gases and air particles could be eliminated and that too very quickly. Our branch at Sudan is tirelessly working on providing all kinds of lab furniture that anyone might need, based on each and everyone's specific requirements. Since the evolution is a contiguous process, the halt isn't going to take place ever!

Extract Systems

The Extract Systems basically are meant for the unwelcome heat, odor, steam and fumes. The extraction becomes very essential, especially while designing the Chemistry laboratory. The canopy hoods do not let the lab hold any kind of unwanted particles or gaseous substances for longer than necessary. The suction arms are so carefully designed that these could be fitted anywhere, whether it is a ceiling or a wall or a worktop with flexible arms, in accordance with the lab's needs. The Canopy Hoods are there for non-toxic materials like heat, steam and other kinds of odors. Zeba labs' branch office at Sudan has a wide range of Canopies that are justified as per the capabilities and expenses, that could be mounted upon the wall as well as at the ceiling. The Suction Arms have adjustable arms and suction cups and these can be fixed at the wall or ceiling or worktop. The arms are movable enough for an easy grip with the help of friction joints and ball.


Worktops are very crucial part of any lab furniture. One needs to make sure that these are selected watchfully so as to be suitable as per the thermal stability, chemical resistance, ease of sterilization, durability, chemical resistance, aesthetics and cost effectiveness. These hold the following features: Phenolic Resin (Trespa) Epoxy Resin (Durcon) Melamine laminated plywood Compact laminate Polypropylene Stainless steel Acrylic Ceramic worktops Granite Solid timber Worktops provided by Sudan Zeba labs are one of the resultant quality furnitures which have an excellent working as well as appearance. Zeba labs intends to make an impact upon its consumers, which is forever growing since its existence.

Chemical Storage Cabinets

Zeba labs, Sudan puts on best efforts in making special storage units because the lab routinely handles health threatening and dangerous substances. We provide proper Chemical storage cabinets with no metallic parts exposure. Each joint is welded thermally without any metal fasteners. And all units are constructed with acid resistant polypropylene.

The chemical storage cabinets are also connected with an outlet so that the volatile gases could be expelled out and do not get accumulated inside. This ensures that the air inside the laboratory's environment is safe to breathe.

Zebalabs in Sudan, offers all kinds of facilities that a client expects while planning an interior with furnitures. We not just in delivering the goods but also their installation and routine services, if required. In case of Chemical storage cabinets, that once installed, also get timely functionality checks by our staff members, if any dangerous substances get collected somewhere by chance. Our advance methodology is suitable in kind of schools or college institutions, whether it is about daily experiments for learning or something which is research based in real-time.

Blowers & Filters

The Blowers and Filters are mechanical devices that help moving the air and other gases out of the laboratory. With the help of rotating impellers that use kinetic energy to rotate the blade, the pressure of the air stream gets increased and as a result it causes the movement, thereby expelling the gases out. The Blowers, by the help of rotating impellers, heighten the speed of air stream. They are technologically sound equipments that are well designed to suit the modern labs. Zeba labs, Sudan ensures its clients that their laboratories are entirely equipped with premium quality blowers & filters for hoods.

Anti-Vibration Table

The tables with vibration resistance used as laboratory furniture are manufactured in such a way that they absorb the vibrations originated from the surroundings literally, so that the experiments being carried do not hold any kind of error. The anti-vibration pads have a well mounted scale platforms that ensure accuracy while someone performs for an experiment.

The user can thus precisely carry micro balances, ultra-micro balances, platform scales, precision balances, analytical balances, mass comparators and multi-functional scales. These anti-vibration tables provided by Zeba labs, Sudan are so capable in performing that even in most crowded areas where sounds of machines, people, hammering objects are quite common to hear, the tables wouldn't cause any trouble.

Sinks and Dripcups

The Sinks and Dripcups are one of the most important assets of any laboratory. These are must while designing the furniture of a lab because most chemical based and biological experiments need tasks like washing and thoroughly cleaning the apparatus and other equipments.

Zeba labs, situated at Sudan, is one of the leading furniture company that manufactures, installs and provides maintenance services to its clients. We assure that the lab always keeps plenty of sinks & dripcups so that it never runs out in shortage and those who carry daily experiments don't have to face any sort of trouble. We provide Ceramic sink, Stainless steel sink, Epoxy sink and Polypropylene sink.

Safety Fittings

Laboratory Safety Fittings are a necessary part in any lab design because there could be any sudden occurrence of something which isn't expected or invited. In order to avoid any accidents, following are the safety fittings that we provide:

  • Gas leak detector
  • Eye wash
  • Sensor alarm
  • Safety station
  • Pullout shower
  • Shut-out valve
  • Emergency shower

These fittings must be installed by every laboratory because the workers who perform the experiments need to be ensured that they are safe and any rise in the accidental cause would be handled with care.

Service Fittings

In order to access the different kinds of utilities in the laboratory it is quite much essential to install the Laboratory service fittings as parts of workbenches. There could be any kind of model, for instance, drop down, stand-outs and wall mounted models. Below is the list of the kinds of Service Fittings we provide.

  • Vacuum
  • Hot / Cold / DM water
  • Gases ( H2, O2, N2, He, and so on)
  • Electricity
  • Burning gases

Zeba labs' Sudan branch perfectly fits into that kind of company which takes care of all the necessities of laboratories, be it its furniture or other related accessories. The lab-work could thus be performed in an organized manner and the performers don't face any sort of interruption.

Storage Systems

The wall cabinets could be installed at the vacant space at the wall just above the workbenches, so that maximum utilization could be carried. The standard width of these storage systems are 45cm, 60cm, 90cm and 120cm respectively. We also provide these lab storage systems without doors, with panel or glass doors. The glass doors are also available with slide functionality.

Zeba labs' Sudan branch office provides lab storage cabinets, lab workstations, or any other safe storage cabinets to its clients. We are so inclined to consumers' satisfaction that we keep on checking with the updates or feedbacks being provided, and tend to improvise if necessary. Our job does not take a halt once the furniture is manufactured and installed. We are determined to evolve with time and so work in accordance with the latest demands across the world as well as Sudan!

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